I. We are History

The prevailing assumption that pervades most scientific and philosophic theories is that the arrow of time flows (or goes) in a straight line from the past to the future and we, human beings, occupy the present which is by definition located in between the most recently identifiable past and the most possible near future.

WEBXISTENCE is a site devoted to the study and analysis of issues, themes and ideas regarding the nature and perception of time, the concept of history, the capacities of the human mind, consciousness, human and cultural evolution, artificial inteligence and the role of technology and the web in human evolution parting from a different paradigm consisting on the following assumptions that I propose and should be considered working proposals:

1.       That the Universe, thus all reality, was originated from an original state not towards the future but by creating its own past, thus, the arrow of time flows not from the past to the future but from the actual state that we name present to the past that we define and accept.
2.       That the forces of the Big Bang, if it is used as paradigm, were not outwardly oriented as an objective explosion according to the laws of matter that we know, but an inwardly implosion which created its own past.
3.       That the forces that interacted from the original state to the actual state created simultaneously time and space where matter and dark matter toguether with energy and motion would exist and interact and that interaction curved the created spacetime as it expanded thus creating the Universe as we know it and where we exist.
4.       That the Universe thus created is not only curved but flat and two dimensional, the third dimension being a mental construct of the human being made posible by the capacity of abstract memory and consciousness of the human mind. Because of this, other dimensions can be conceived, modeled and subject to experimentation and manipulation but most of which we can’t perceive because of our inherent limitations to perceive them with the present capabilities of mankind, culture and technology. But that can change and mnost probably will change if we survive ourselves.
5.       That the arrow of time cannot go to the future because the future doesn’t exist yet, thus it can’t flow whence.
6.       That we human beings, what we consider ourselves, our existential footprint and the cultural society where we live in, does not exist in the present but in the past so it can have existence. What has not been, is not and can’t be given our preesent capacities and limitations. But also this can and most probably will change.
7.       That this which we consider the present is, in fact, a mental construct, an imaginary space-time-image-place-location, made posible and existing in our minds by means of that which we define as individual and collectively shared conscience and which consists of a culturally structured and organized memory of past events that we collectively agree that have happened and are commonly accepted as the being the objective past.
8.       That the space-time-image-place-location construct, that which we call the three dimensional Universe, is, in fact, a mental construct which surges from a two dimensional objective Universe. The Universe thus, is an imagination where human beings exist and given time and technology more dimensions can be made part of its experience.
9.       That what we consider the present is our conscious real time observation of these past events which is made coherent by a structured organization of memories of observations.
10.    That it is within our cultural societies and their postulates and interactions that humanity has defined and accepted an objective reality for the majority of the population and that imperfect agreement is what we collectively accept as our present.
11.    That humanity advances individually and culturally by changing the past in what we collectively call history, first locally within a given culture and then multiculturally by means of some sort of social agreements and because of that, mankind increases the range of decisions available to perform thus advancing in the knowledge and manipulation of history as the means to achieve social and economic progress.
12.    That we are constantly affecting and changing the past, thus our present, by our always increasing observation, knowledge and understanding of said events of the past.
13.    That the future only manifests evident when it becomes the past by means of our present choices based on past information and projections formulated from models that procure to explain the past observations in new ways of structured organization paradigms.
14.    That the future does not exist as a reality or as posibility, but it is a theorethical projection of the space-time-image-place-location that constitutes the past as we have come to define it. Thus, the future is always and will always be a goal, something to be achieved.
15.    That everything we “see” is actually in our past, exponentially being farther in the past as longer the distance we estimate to the observed event by our present capacity of observation.
16.    That space travel in the Universe by mechanical means (energy fueled spaceships) for human beings as we know ourselves are limited in extent, reach and feasibility by technology nd ultimately by our human nature and time existence which effectively imposes limits to that capacity. Most probably we will not be able to reach the outer stars is starships but by other means, if at all possible. Shorter destinies can and will be reached if we endure as humanity and develop the required technology.
17.    That there is a limit to any possible space travel unless we collectively assume that the traveler will not be able to return, thus the humanity from whence the space traveler left will never know if such travel succeeded. A space traveler will travel towards his own new past but those left behind will never know its success. If we accept this paradigm, space travel can be pursued but its benefit will be for our posterity.
18.    That due to the curved nature of spacetime, space travels can and most probably will be possible through manipulations of the curvature of space which won’t require spaceships. For all purposes, such space travels would be deemed instantaneous. But the destinies must exists in order for us to be able to travel, thus, we will travel to some past, known or unknown but not to the future.
19.    That the possibility of contact with extraterrestrial life increases as time goes by for we have more information available which will cause our understanding and attainability of that possibility. Such encounter with exxtraterrestrial life most probably will be with beings from futures that we don’t deem to exist for they have not been manifest yet. It is highly probable that extraterrestrial contact has been achieved but its memory, thus its existence, for some unknown reason, has been erased from our known history.
20.    That developments in nanoscale technology are in fact one of the most promising developments in human culture and will significantly affect our capacity of perception of spacetime as it opens the bandwith of perception of the human mind. These developments will fuel exponential capabilities in technology which will dramatically affect human evolution.
21.    That most of the ultimate technological breakthroughs will be deployed through the web or its successor technologies.
22.    These expanded capacities will become part of mankind as we know ourselves thus we will live an expanded reality of mankind through an expanded consciousness made possible from know on… by the web. Thus… WEBXISTENCE…

I believe that GOD created everything and that HE exists outside HIS creation, thus outside the curvature of the Universe and outside time and matter and this is why HE IS ETERNAL, WITHOUT ORIGIN NOR END.