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What Should @NYC Tell You? - NYTimes.com

Las ciudades empiezan a tener vida propia. Si no lo creen vean esto y tambien el servicio Urban Daddy.
Es tiempo de que los alcaldes creen la posición de Twittero oficial del municipio.

What Should @NYC Tell You? - NYTimes.com
January 25, 2011, 12:11 PM

What Should @NYC Tell You?

What does a chief digital officer for New York City do?
According to Rachel Sterne, that’s really up to you.
Ms. Sterne was appointed the city’s first chief digital officeron Monday, in a bid by the city to raise its digital profile and streamline its use of social media, said Katherine Oliver, the commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and EntertainmentNews media and other businesses have been latching onto these promotion and communication tools — but what does it mean for a city? 
Ms. Sterne, 27, who will be paid $115,000 a year, said Monday she hoped to use tools like Facebook and Twitter to improve connections between the city’s residents and its government. But, she added, “A big part of this is listening to New Yorkers and being responsive.” Ms. Sterne, in due form, took to Twitter to solicit suggestions on how the city might “use technology to serve citizens” — to be sent to her and to the question-and-answer site QuoraBut City Room wants to hear from you directly: How do you think Ms. Sterne should be connecting with New Yorkers? What information is most important to you to receive — and to share? Speak up in the comments below. We’re hoping for serious, thoughtful suggestions.
And while you’re thinking, you might want to check outMayor Cory A. Booker of Newark, who is a prolific Twitter publisher, writing about everything from kudos to city workers for their snow removal efforts to his battle to lose weight and get physically fit. How interested are you in hearing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg get personal?

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